If f(x) = |{:( cos (2x) ,, cos ( 2x ) ,, sin ( 2x) ), ( - cos x,, cosx ,, - sin x ), ( sinx,, sin x,, cos x ):}|, then



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Updated On: 19-5-2021

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f'(x) =0 at exactly three points in `(-pi,pi)`f(x) attains its maximum at x=0f(x) attains its minimum at x=0f'(x) =0 at more than three points in `(-pi,pi)`

Answer :
Solution :
`f(x)={:|(cos(2x),cos(2x),sin(2x).(-cosx,cosx, -sinx),(sinx ,sinx ,cosx)|:}` <br> Now f(X) = -2 sin 2x-4 sin4x=0 <br> `rarr 2 sin 2x(1+4 cos 2x)=0` <br> `rarr sin 2x=0 or cos 2x=1/4` <br> for cos 2x=`-1/4` there are four solution <br> f(x)=0 has more than three solution



00:00 - 00:59let's start with question this question is if x = determinant of cost of determinant is cos 2x then cos 2x sin sin 2A 2nd 20 - cos x sin cos x sin x sin x sin cos x then option is 5-6 equal to zero at exactly three points in open interval - 525 second option in effects attains its maximum at X = 0 third option is effects retains its minimum at X equal to put option is equal to zero at more than three points in open in its first apply a bit of things to this determinant what we need as we can see that the first and second row have many elements in
01:00 - 01:59what are the elements would like to apply a general rule for the determinant we would what we will do just apply to column 2 - column that is 32 is converted to column to column that can be done it is a valuable for the determined and then effects become determinant of 0 to 60 Cause 2 - cos x sin x into x minus sin x cos x what we need to do is just expand along
02:00 - 02:59to expand along C2 effects equal to cos x minus one power s o s columns of two plus two time cos2x into cos x minus b into sin 2x FX equal to cos x Cos 2x cos x minus sin x sin 2x that is nothing but cost of 2 X + x 3 x 2 x cos a cos b cos a cos b is equal to Cos A + B + cos a minus b
03:00 - 03:59considering this is a this as we are going to get FX = cos 4x + 2 X let's apply derivative that is left asics would be equal to derivative of cos x minus 4 sin 4 x minus 2 a sin 2x let supply the second derivative this is equal to minus 4 x again for that is 16 cause we have derivative of sin2x cos2x 10 -
04:00 - 04:592 x 6 can again before the broken down as - 2 x x x 1 + cos x Cos 2x how did this year we just road sign for access to X find it just duplication formula that to sin2x cos2x and then just to go outside to it's common to the desert cassettes and this is a 666 equals that would imply that these two factors that either of these two factors is zero which implies 2 x 2 in pipe
05:00 - 05:59what is which implies X to be in fibre which can be further if you just pretend to be zero we are going to get zero value if we put one Bigad pi by 2 offender put -1 we get -52 these three values belong to -52 to login cos2x if you just shared this last part we are going to get cos2x = - 1 by 4 which implies X = half of Cos inverse minus 1 by 4 again we can get a lot of values from here also in the interval - 52 53 we have also found and there is at least one value in minus b 25 definitely there are more than 300
06:00 - 06:59X this is the Captain knowledge located the maximum in at the point x = 0 x = 0 for X = 0 60 is zero because it's time for 1000 to 10000 but fs40 that is this is one and this is one so that is -20 which is negative 20 is a point of maximum zero point of maximum second derivative test zero point of local Maxima so that ensures maximum 80 because under 600 and negative effects

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