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if f:RtoR is defined as f(x)=e...

if `f:RtoR` is defined as `f(x)=e^(|x|)-e^(-x)` then the correct statements(s) is/are

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`f` is one- one onto function`f` is many one into functionrange of `f` is `[0,infty]`range of `f` is `(-infty,infty)`

Answer :
Solution :
`f(x)=e^(|x|)-e^(-x)=[{:(e^(x)-e^(-x),xge0),(0,xlt0):}` <br> for `xge0` `f(x)=e^(x)-e^(-x)` <br> `impliesf'(x)=e^(x)+e^(-x)gt0,Aaxxge0` <br> `impliesf(x)` is st. increasing in `[0,infty]` <br> `because` range of `f(x)` in `[0,infty]` is `[f(0),f(infty))` <br> i.e., range is `[0,infty]` <br> for `xle0` `f(x)=0` ltbr `implies` many one function and range of `f(x)` is `[0,infty]`


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