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Class 11






Limits And Derivatives


If f^(prime)(x)=sqrt(2x^2-1) ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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this question we are given that AB is equal to -1 and Y is equal to that we have to find the value of Y B at A and B are provided they are given that Y is equal to 5 if we differentiate outside both sides with respect to X then this will be DY DX is equal to dash into differentiation of x square will be to hair from here we have that hair

by x square then this will be that AC square and here to enter at the place of a right at square power to -1 under root 2 and will be at have got that x square is equal to this is my 2 into square in under 2 x power 4 minus one now we have to calculate the idea that x is equal one so device at 21 hair at by 12 this will be going to walk into a room with

this is my will be to -11 under root 1 is to 2 is equal option that we have got that is the correct and thank you

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