If Figure, if QTPR,TQR=400 AND SPR=300, find x and y. Figure


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perpendicular to p r and R is 40 degree and Angle is PR is 30 degree we have to find it and this is the Silver is perpendicular to p r this angle is 30 degree angle angle pqr is 40 degree find angle a static member it is to find this person will take triangle t you are called in triangle pqr angle pqr + angle duty + angle prq will be equal to 180 degree why because of angle sum property now what angle sum property state is that sum of all angles of a triangle are equal to 180 degree
sunao angle pqr is equal to 40 degree + angle q t r is 90 degree because it is perpendicular to this is 90 degree + angle trq equal to 180 degree 24091 30 degree + 8 is equal to 180 degree now it is equal to 180 degree minus 130 degree is equal to 50 degree is that angle why is the exterior angle of this angle angle A + angle because of exterior angle property
exterior angle property is that the exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the sum of interior opposite angles 2 Y is equal to 8 PR is 30 degree + angle pqr angle 8.15 degree angle b is equal to 80 degree angle 60 degree and Angle by eating

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