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Class 12






Relations And Functions


If f(a-x)=f(a+x) " and " f(b-x...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : `f(x)=f(b+(x-b))` <br> ` =f(b-(x-b))` <br> `=f(2b-x)` <br> `=f(a+(2b-x-a))` <br> `=f(a-(2b-x-a))` <br> `=f(2a-2b+x)` <br> Hence, `f(x)` is periodic with period `2a-2b.`

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hello student the question is if a minus x is equal to half of a plus x and F of B minus x is equal to half of the + X for all real there A and B are such that a is greater than B is grade 10 is our constant then prove that affects is a periodic function function for function f of X equal to f of X + B then it is said to be the period of the function in this question we have been given a minus X equal to 1 + X is equation 1 and F B minus x

is equal to be processed this is given in the question suppose this is equation to now we can write f of x is equal to X + b minus b ok we can write After Effects equal to like this biwi would cancel out so bright like this type of being - taking comedy - text ok we can write like this so from from from equation to B minus any term that is a 15 - 64 b + that here to speak comes back of P - system that is a 4 B minus is equal to B Plus show

b + system at B minus x from here we get 1 of 2 b minus x can now we can write about to be minus x can be written as a form of to B minus x + pay and -3 ok we can write like this out this becomes this is equal to f now what we will do that we will write like this A Plus all the terms that is to be minus x minus 3 we can write like this now from equation from equation one that is this any number of of a plus any number is equal to half of a minus b number from here this becomes a -

to B minus x minus 8 so from here we can say that effect is equal to listen as a f of X in the left hand side equal to minus 2 b + X + 8 which is equal to x is equal to X + 2 Y - 2B ok so this is the period of this function so we can write period of f of X is -2 be the final answer

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