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Class 12






Relations And Functions


If f(a-x)=f(a+x) " and " f(b-x...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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Hindi question given that if I got a - 1 = aap of a plus tax and therefore be mine at X = 40 plus at for all real life where a and D are greater than zero constant then prove that affect the periodic company now when is a function periodic when f x + 30 = attacks and in that period of we can write down our effects as perfect as equals to a POP plus minus b b b b can get cancelled out so it will be equal to assess only so this will be a or b + X - we know from where we can see that as a b + that can be written as a 4 b - have held in place of that we have x minus b so that it can be written

as f b minus x minus b this will be equal to Alpha minus x + B letter as per to be - again add and subtract in this can be written as a 48 + 2 b minus x minus 8 again we know that as of a + 1 = of a man assets held in place of X we have to be minus x minus suggest can be written as a 48 - 2B + 8 + 8 so this will be close to a firm to a minor to be + X Platinum that to a -2 b b equals to it that case we can write power FX

will be Quest to do I manage to be St so as for me and that is where Britain h f of X + t a request to effects so we can say that our assets will be periodic function where the period of the function will be equal to minus 2


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