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If f is a real function define...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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if f is a real function defined at X is equals to x minus 1 upon X + 1 m to prove that x 2 X is equals to 3 X + 1 by X + 3 so let's start first let's find three of f x + 1 = 23 and FX is equal to x minus 1 upon X + 1 + 1 so this will be equal to this slide selfie on father something that will get it will be for x minus 2 by X + 1 novel finding a 4 x + 3 X + 3 so this will be fxs x minus 1 upon X + 1 + 3 this will become over X + 2 by X + 1

just need to divide so dividing we get this BB three effects and upon X + 34 x minus 2 will be 4 x minus 2 upon X + 1 by 4 x + 2 upon X + 1 X + 1 X + 8 cancel and we are left with 4 x minus 2 upon X + 2 is equal to this will be equal to 2 x minus 1 upon 2 X + 1 so here it is function is in place of access to its so this will be equals to F of 2x and this is equals to our left

hand side cause we have taken this right hand side this is our right hand side on dividing Pizza Bite inside this only we have to prove that this is equals to 2 X so it is hence proved thank you


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