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If domain of f(x) be (-1, 2), ...

If domain of f(x) be (-1, 2), then <br>(1) domain of f(sin x) will be `(-oo, oo)` <br>(2) domain of f(ln x) will be `(1/e, e^2)`<br> (3) domain of f(2x-3) will be (1,5/2) <br>(4) domain of f([x]) will be [0, 2), where `[x]<=x`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Hello today we have a question that question is if the mean of a perfect square minus 12 then we have to find according to that is all the options are no little CA what are given you are given that belongs to -1 -1 is less than f of X is less than know why are you not taking less than or equal to because here given it is open basis that means -1 and not included that it is only less that now what is the purpose of cost of an instrument of effects is minus infinity to infinity and see what do we get our values are enough of sin x x this is our f15ex receive latest draw our effect graph this is our access and let us see here what is the graph of sin x sin x graph Unity 0 and this is our pi by 2 and this is by reference

how do I get this is our graph and disclose online in this and on the negative side this is our this is a graph of a firm sin x is given here given that - 1 year what is the maximum value this is one this is -13 this is to this is -2 this is a bar graph of sin x now what is sin x sin x maximum lies between -1 and lies between -1 and 1 so now when we have a very value -1 to does it satisfy your find X yes are you have seen in our craft it doesn't even go beyond that is -1 to its full Dominos of sin x minus infinity to infinity now is it it is only -13 Kaun minus infinity to infinity

satisfying does it change anything know because then X is a periodic graph periodic table periodic graph that means it is the PPT it will be repeating after equal intervals between -1 and 1 first option is correct about our second option what is the second option we have a second one is a form of LN X will be won by now how to do this one now let us see what we have here in our equation -1 is less than f of X is less than two that means can we take -1 LN X is less than two that means if we take antilogarithm hear what do we get e power minus one less than its less than is what does that mean that he's won by is less than and less than E-Square therefore domain is nothing is 1 by e2e square now is it true that

yesterday for what do we get here our second equation is also now let it slip for second is also pronounce lete Siya third third one is dominant 2 x minus 3 X 2 x minus 3 what is this given as this is given as 12 how to do this year we are given that -1 less than 1 of X is less than two years -1 less than 2 x minus 3 is less than what does that mean if you take - 3 - 1 + 3 is less than 2 X is less than two plus three that means to less than 2x less than that means here like it is less than 2 X is less than its and lens is less than that mean everything by to what do we get we get it as One Less than and less than 5 by 2 this is all that means what is the mean of f of 2 x minus 3

equal to 1 by two given here it is one that it is true and correct letters our fourth part of our question what is our fourth part 8 what is domain offer for bracket of access a bracket of excess of bracket of this is this will be zero close bracket 0 what is back at office meaning of access less than or equal to X how to do this solution of what are given here power minus 1 lesan effects less than two years -1 is less than bracket of X is less than two that means hear what do we get a zero is it is less than or equal to 10 metre ki 1000 less than or equal to its less than what can we say we can say that domain of f bracket of X because we are given

it is that of X is less than or equal to X that we can we take minus 10 years this is equal to close braces zero because hero is included less than or equal to what is accrual basis point option is also correct understand thank you

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