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If Delta_r=|[2^(r-1) , 2.3^(r-...

If Delta_r=|[2^(r-1) , 2.3^(r-1) , 4. 5^(r-1)] , [x , y , z] , [2^n-1 , 3^n-1 , 5^n-1]|dot Show that sum_(r=1)^n Delta_r=Con s t a n t



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Updated On: 10-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59in this question given that if De La request is determinant we need to show that summation of our request 2121 Dela will be a constant show some question 1 to N Dela will be question summation Aryan equal to 12 and determinant that we have our only in our proven to take this omission inside Rowan so this will be equal to shamishan request 212 and power are -1 summation are ready quotes 2122 into 32 the summation Arabic 12124 into 5 to the power 4 minus one at the root 2 and 3 at the day
01:00 - 01:59x y z 2 to the power n -1 3 to the power n -1 and 5 to the power n -1 now in the form of GB and calculate gem separately Now since we know that the formula of a GPS in to the power n minus 1 divided by minus are the common difference and its first time this submission are equal to 1 to 10 to the power minus 1 equals to in place of our replace one that is 2 to the power 0 + 2 to the power 1 up to 2 to the power n -1 in the total number of terms in an and the value of Rs to and from that is a to the power 0 that it
02:00 - 02:59total terms and minus 1 divided by 2 minus one that is equal to 2 and -1 similarly will calculate mission 1 to 2 into 10 to the power minus one can take out to come to this will be cool to see 2403 to the power 1 update to the power and similarly can we have equal to 1 hour is equal to 3 and total term 1 into 10 to the power n minus 1 divided by 3 minus one not this party request you to The Definite cancelled out with two fans available every 3 to the power n -1 and finally we'll also calculate this
03:00 - 03:59request permission request 21215 power are -1 natak this request you can take for 5 to the power 0 and -1 in this case we have 21-25 natak 5 to the power n minus 1 divided by 5 this again is equal to four suggest that can find out which food will be elected to the power n -1 now we can write our data connection request to 12 m l a equal power
04:00 - 04:59- 1 and -1 5 to the power n -1 X Y Z and here also to the power minus 12 simplified is determined will you some RO operation and write Roman -3 we can see that Rowan and actually seen to have a zero here that is it will be closed 2000 x y z power n -1 3 to the power n -1 and 5 to the power n minus 3 full so we can say that the determinant will be equal to zero we have a full hour full call to medical Hero
05:00 - 05:59the determinant also becomes which is a constant and which is what we needed to prove

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