Updated on:26/04/2023

If D is the mid-point of the side BC of triangle ABC and AD is perpendicular to AC , then 3b2=a2c^2 (b) 3a2=b23c2 b2=a2c2 (d) a2+b2=5c2



question paper class 8 in some with point of the side BC of a triangle ABC ad is perpendicular a LED TV a d is perpendicular of is perpendicular on AC this is angle angle is 90 degree oldest angle is that is this angle is 1920
it is said that point of it is it is 22 and 8088 which that in triangle formula E is equal to is website b Y2 contractor test anti use the formula which is a
square + b square minus A square B PSP cancelled out and get a square + b square minus b square equal to the four 3 this site and get a square minus b square is equal to 40 square - 3 1 - 3 square is equal to power option this is the correct answer ok
thank you


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