If Cr=nCrand(C0+C1)(C1+C2)(Cn1+Cn)=
k(n+1)nn!, then the value of k, is


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if n is equal to NCR and we want to find the value that is phenol + 17 + 32 this product given that is ke into m + 1 / n factorial value of k if first you know as we know that is NPR NCR -1 let is equal to N + 1 CR that is equal to N + 1 so we can write that is teenon plus the one that is phenol + T1 that is in C 9 + nc1 can be written in n + 131 n + 17 similar oneplus 3 2 7 plus 32 can be returned can be written is equal to 1 + 2 and + 1 to all these can return so so we write this that is equal to see note 9 plus 7 into 7 plus 32 and so on till CM plus 3
minus 1 is equal to so which is replied that this is equal to K into n + 1 + 2 power n Uppenantha tutorials so first only way to solve this equation not did so this is equal to sin x + 7 letters n + 1 3 1 into 1 + 1 32 into and so on and + 1 cm n + 1 p.m. now now we know that is NCR NCR into NCR can be returning into n -1 Siya -12 so NTR can be written NCR can be written in / are in -1 Siya - 1 and -1 -1 so old using this formula we can write that is equal to which he replied that n + 1 divided by 1 into nc0 Hair N + 1 divided by 2 into NC
similarly all that is N + 1 / in 2ncn - 110 CM -1 so this is equal to this is equal to N + 1 + 1 + 1 is equal to 1 + 1 into 10 to power and divided by 1 2 3 1 2 3 and so on till 10th and here is Vinod Tiwari C2 and so on till the end -1 and with no value of CNN cm is equal to 1 if so this is equal to this is equal to 1 + 1 raise to power n / n factorial this is n factorial and to multiply b c note C1 C2 and ST n -1 value of k if this will return the value of k that is ke and when we know that she and is equal to 1 if you multiply anything by one should not end
K value of k is equal to see note 72 and CM then why we multiply CM because another option no one is option in -1 so this is ok value of k can be latency not C1 C2 l c m because value of CM is 1 so this option number is correct thank you

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