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Class 11






Correlation Analysis


If cov(X, Y)= 16.5, Var(X)= 8....

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : D

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hello students to devar question is if covariance of X and Y is 200 16.5 and variance of access 8.25 and various 5 is variance of ice 33 than the cal Pearson coefficient of the correlation between X and Y so we know the formula of correlation Coefficient is equals to how is equals to covariance of X and Y in this is divided by under root variance of X in 2 variants of why so we can put the values of R is equal to covariance of exercise given to a 16.5 and this is divided by

under root variant and root valence variance of X is given to us 8.25 we can write here 8.25 in 2 variants of ice 33 so we can write a 33 by solving this we get 165 this is / by multiplying this we get 27727 225 103 season Ruthe Yaar now equals to 165 and 27225 is the root of 165 under root of this is 165 and hundred rupees 10 hair to our is equals to 1.65 / 1.65

Sabhi guitar is equals to 1 year so this is our answer thank you

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