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Class 12






Properties And Solution Of Triangles


If cot ""A/2 =(b+c)/(a),then D...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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(a) Isosceles (b) Equilateral (c) Right angled (d) None of these

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starter question the question says that if part 1 by 2 equal to b + c by a triangle ABC is option in isosceles option B equal at all options you right angle option d none of these have been given that party by 2 is equal to b + c y we need to find what type of triangle ABC is given by 2 is equal to be by another sign of triangle according to which a b and K is equal to 1 by sin x is equal to a constant value that is ke from this week wait the each of the ratios with ke we get a is equal to nothing but can be a sequel to the form

that is cot theta is equal to cos theta by sin theta use all the formulas here so now this will become a b to B sin a by 2 equal to taking care of common this will be a sin b / and its of the form a + sin b have the formula Sin A + sin b is given b is equal to 2 Sin A + B by 2 into Cos A minus B by 2 is the formula we know that sin 2 theta is equal to 2 sin theta cos

from this we can write that sin data will be equal to 2 sin theta by 2 cos theta by 2 will use Din formulas value of Cos A by 2 by 2 equal to consider a s b and B SC project will be 2 + Y2 aur B minus 3 by 2 / sin a week and write to prime ki by 22 and to get cancer and other sites to get cancer now we know that in a triangle triangle is 180 degree so we can write a + b + C is equal to because of angle sum property

of triangle from this we can write b + c will be equal to minus Cos pi by 2 equal to sign in place of B + c equal to root 5 minus 5 by 2 minus 1 by 2 Android display cosby - 3 / Cos A by 2 then the formula sin theta is equal to cos theta up because two equal to count cause a by 2 into Cos A minus 3 by 2 / 2 able to get cancelled because a by 2 is equal

call B minus C B cause pores on both sides get cancelled will have a by 2 is equal to b minus 3 by 2 into get cancelled so we have equal to minus but we know that a + b + c equal to 5 quality written above from the angle sum property what about equal to be will be equal to pi by 2 is nothing but 90 degrees so when is 90 degree any right angle triangle ABC right angled at p

right angle triangle with the correct option that we can come to there for triangle ABC is a right angle

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