If cot 3x= sin ` 45^(@) cos 45 ^(@) + cos 60 ^(@) , ` find the value of x between ` 0^(@) and 90 ^(@) `

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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today If cot theta is equals to sin 45 degree cos 45 degree + Cos 60 degree find the value of x between zero degree and we had to find the value of x in the first part 45 degree + cos 53 X is equals to sin 45 and Cos 45 is equals to 1 by root 2 will let one by one by root 2 + Cos 60 degree is equal to half so from here we can write half plus half which is equals to 1 if equals to court react from here we can write this is equals to now had a serious and got this will be gotten worse one which is equal to 45 degree bye-bye 44 45 degree

angle B equal to 45 by 3 is equal to 15 the value of the given value of solution

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