Updated on:26/04/2023

If cos(A+B)sin(CD)=cos(AB)sin(C+D), then show that tanAtanBtanC+tanD=0



Acacia the given question here we have is it Cos A + B sin C minus b equal to what cause a manager at the rate of sin C + D than we have to show that tan a tan B and C with less effort and I have to show what is your name in the question is given to me that cause of my cost of a + b ok cause of a plus b the rate of what sign of C minus Sin A minus b is equal to basically cost of a minus b ok guys and the great effort with the product of Sin of C plus be back and I decide to this format for this what is what cost of a + b ok cause of a + b / what device but I can I discourse but this is equipped with an addition to this is because of a minus b send this part will be a sign of C + D here has devised by what divide sign of C - 38 to use
componendo dividendo property if I don't care what is a component Limited property says so Mach componendo so basically my component no ok and TV then do today's give me what is educated as if it says that if a bi be ready for a week or so what if a by b equals to basically c b d location that case I can't even think this is what this can be done as a + b + b / a minus b is equal to what is always equal to C plus we divide by C - De this property is that so similarly here as you can see very well this model can vote on this part will become cause of a + b so what cause of a + b for standard cost will be ok and then this will become what is this may be part of this will be a + b surface finish what plus of what class of my cost of a minus b / / again a minus b now so this will become cost of a + b and minus of what - of my
cost of a minus b i get this out and about sin C + cos 90 + b + c minus sin C + T H I want plus of science C - De ok and / / sin C + D - 44 - of my sin C minus the hair I have ok Suman for the this will give me what we say we will see the solution for this is what I can it and now what is the Formula for cos a + b + 4 Cos A minus b a 1st Division of property have all the Formula for cos C + WhatsApp my Cos A + B formula is basically cos a cos b right and minus of what sin a sin b similarly it is what plus of what this will become + cos a cos b and this was What Now plus of because mine is living + of sin a sin b doing nothing just put in the values of formula se ok and divide by which part
is causing this is not so cos a cos b - 4 - of my sin a sin B and C - of my sin a sin b and minus of this got minus Cos of a cause of we are now there's a minus b causes a place in between with this is also without a sizable - 8 - of sin a sin b is equal to what as you can see that this party so dialysis but this will come what Science CBSE Science CBSE form is not basically this home was basically sin 30 cos B sin C cos D ok and clash of what my plus of Cos C cos 24 cos not caused is regretted it is costly nai what side ok and price of this part is not know this Patanjali sin C cos D sin C cos d - 44 - of my cos c and signed a similarly /
divide by this part is what this part is not sign of c and cost of what the place of order shall become cause of C sign of the Earth is a minus 2 is a minus sin theta minus value of sin C cause of the another plus plus of what cause She sign of device + because you can you do something as a method of what is immense outside smiling isolated me what plus audition now what was converted into solution ok so first of all there are only left to cos a cos b virus causes for student visa submission and this part is this part cancelling out right this American + sin similarly if they looked in the nomination this will give me what this will give me cos a cos b and minus cos a cos b cancelling out right and if I look in this part cos C sin D out this part of this part and the Spartans about this part Sciences caused a discussion about this one this part science acosta so what we are receiving now from this very simple solution to cause to tell you about this will give me give me two times of my
cos a cos of B / / OK - of two times of minus of two times of sign in here have what sign is equals to 10 of science s t w o two times of science have caused the tide divide by this is what two times of 2 X offcourse of c and Saina what is one thing this to this to cash out this video to cancelling out ok so we're seeing the solution is what this one I can I this part is not now is a cos A by sin is what I can I check my court of a notice across devices assigned this also got off be ok and assign it because what 10c tension cause device and is what quality so this was confirmed by management and also a so this would find it would cost of b.k. sunao de do after the second is what is what I can I this part is now my if I put
Bhala pauchi 10-3-5-2-10 on this site give me what is forgive me - of 1 upon 10 c h i w got a here I want Court of B = what Court of DE ok sunao this record 30 - of cot a-b and loss shortcut c s = what Court of now we know that one upon 10 dis 1.3 does not cortisol this part will come what I can add this part is not one upon one upon 10 B.Ed course one upon 10 of that Ke Jharokhon Se likha hua Jiska midnight hot - of my 10A 10B hear what tense is always equal to what turn off D K know if I put this stand apart
this part of the site give me what this will give me 10 of a 10 of B and Tennessee and place of 8 plus soft and the soft and equals what 0 and I guess this is the and solution we are looking for the end result was looking for that time forgot or possibly can notice exactly tan a tan B and generate and pressure what it should be equal to zero and the solution is find out there so my 10A 10B pencil stand = words were considered hence proved that sound the statement