If cos(A+B+C)=cosAcosBcosC, then find the value of 8sin(B+C)sin(C+A)sin(A+B)sin2Asin2Bsin2C


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hello everyone the question is if cos of a + b + c is equals to cos a cos b cos C then find the value of a sin b + c x sin C + a x sin a + b / sin sin to be sent to see ok consider the given equation to the equation is given as cost of a + b + C is equal to cos a cos b cos it ok if we write it as we can consider this value as a only and b + C with increasing ok so now we can say that if you like the formula which is cost of theta + 5 cos theta + cos theta cos theta cos 5 minus sin theta sin pi is the formula
from that it will cost of a into cos b + c b + c minus cos a cos b + c minus sign of a sign of a into Sin of B + C is equal to cos a cos b cos it now from where we can change the site of this value and this value so it will be cost of a cost of B + c minus Cos cos B cos c = 2 Sin of a into Sin of B + c i will take the cost of a common so it'll be cause of a common than the cost of minus cos B cos
a cos b cos C cos B and C are we have another term is minus of sign of early sign of Co2 and what did you do it just wrote this time in the middle of this tool will cancel and the remaining term for this way we cannot hear ok is equal to sign of a signup b + c cancelled from here it can be written as or it will cause of a x minus sin b sign of C is equals to Sin of a sign of B + c so from here you can find out the value of sin of B + c sign of B + c minus b + c will be closed sign of the policy will give us it will be cos cos a sin b
science / it is sign of a sign of a any other menacing meaning of Italy - of this value education lesson 3 question 1 ok sunao similarly if you replace the values of Sin of C plus if you want to find out the sign of Sleepless F3 plus a will be close to accordingly can please the values for here if you can this be is replaced by seeing place of the second write all the value of cos of be a sign of early sign of B sign of B equal to sin a + b for a Jaaye please by saying it will be equal to if you look at this equation Italy 8 - of cost of the all the values for a Enfield vintage change into Sin of be for the sin theta
sin Sin of a / sin sin C Sin A + sin b + c sign of C + A + a x sin a + b is equals to all the three values all the three values of X and have it will assign B and C and then sin a sin C Sin B sin cos a cos b cos / sinus and besides that made from here if you look at this from here this year and we will be cancelled with this one the sun will be considered this one Anderson Silva cancel this one that me sine sine sine sine cancel it will be - of because you are having three of the minus minus into minus into minus minus power of odd numbers only so minus
sign it will be cos a cos a Sin of a sign of a x sin of cos b x sin of see it will be worn by if we multiply with two with each of the value so it will be won by 8 x square - 3 x 2 sin a cos b cos sin cos x 2 sin a cos b x 2 science cost of 8 x sin 2B and signup sin 2A and 2B and signup to see a society where to see now if it is the
site from here what will get all table tennis aur this value this value will be multiplied it this way it ok to find out from here it can be written as 8 of Sin of b + b + c sign of C + a x sin of a + b and diesel in the will be the denominator divided by sin 2A sign up to be sign up to see time to assign to be signed to see these will be equal to 1 year we have only -1 left a solution for this question thank you

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