If cos(A+B+C)=cosAcosBcosC, then find the value of 8sin(B+C)sin(C+A)sin(A+B)sin2Asin2Bsin2C


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English question we are given that Cos A + B + c = 2 cos A into cos b into court costs and we have to find the value of sin b + c into sin C + 8 into Sin A + B / sin a into sin so let's start with the given expression cal a + b + c = cos a cos b into now a and b + c which is cos x Cos y
Plus sign and sorry this will be my hair minus sin a into sin b + cos a cos b into cos cos again then cos B cos minus sin a into cos B cos
then it is that it cost to take out side from then it will cost to cost minus sin sin cos B cos sin a into sin b + now this caused because I will get cancelled with and left Cos A minus sin a = 2 sin a into
B now from hair it implies that time + cos a sin b / this is our first equation now and we can write in minus of Cos sin sin a sign be this
right time in mind of course now but we had to find we had to find the product this value sin b + 3 sin C + 8 into a + b then we will have time + 3 + a time
will be this will be A minus Cos A minus cos B minus cos B time 8 now this time a sin b and Science will get cancer and left
left with this will become Plus and we are left with this minus cos a cos b cos a cos b now we will multiply by 8 on both sides then have eight time write a test why we multiply by 8
write it as cost to cost into 2 into
into into now in this expression then we will have 8 time a + b / 1
which is the

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