If cos^(-1)x/2+cos^(-1)y/3=theta , then 9x^2-12 x ycostheta+4y^2 is equal to (a) 36 (b) -36\ sin\ ^2theta (c) 36\ sin\ ^2theta (d) 36\ cos\ ^2theta



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Updated On: 30-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59given that if Cos inverse X upon 2 + Cos inverse B upon 3 is equal to teeta than 9 x square - 12 x y cos theta + 4 y square is equal to of a software is 36 - 36 square theta 3636 cos square theta so what given us is Cos inverse X upon 2 + Cos inverse Y upon 3 is equal to it and it is given as the inverse A + Cos inverse B in the water formula of Cos inverse A + Cos inverse B will be Cos inverse a multiply B minus root 1 minus A square root 1 minus b square now is equal to data it is noun solving we will take this course in the RHS then you will become
01:00 - 01:59cos theta upon is equal to X Y upon 6 - 84 - x square root edit will 9 minus y square upon if you come out of root it will 219 come out of fruit it will be 3 and 3 into 2 6 then it will be 6 now on taking out 6 the denominator and multiply in electricity new to become 6 cos theta is equal to x y minus root 5 minus x square root 9 minus y square to just to remove this bracket we will scare them for this will take them to the other side and for this we will take it will become x y - 6 cos theta with equal to root 4 - x square root 9 - square and square root of the site we have x square y square + 36
02:00 - 02:59Chita - 12 x y cos theta is equal to 4 - x square minus b square is part then we will have 36 - 45 square - 9 X square + x square y square equal to cancel order square + Y square from the Alexander Square x square y square then we have and taking this 4 y square - 9 x square into the lhs then we have 9 X square + 4 y square - 12 x y cos theta on taking this to the RHS 36 36 - 36 36 36 1 - cos square theta and we know that 1 - cos square theta is equal to
03:00 - 03:5936 square theta and this is our answer is this is option third thing

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