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If circles x^(2) + y^(2) + 2g...

If circles x^(2) + y^(2) + 2g_(1)x + 2f_(1)y = 0 and x^(2) + y^(2) + 2g_(2)x + 2f_(2)y = 0 touch each other, then



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Updated On: 21-5-2021

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Text Solution

`f_(1)g = fg_(1)``f f_(1) =g g_(1)``f^(2) +g^(2) = f_(1)^(2) +g_(1)^(2)``f_(1)^(2) + f^(2) =g_(1)^(2) + g^(2)`

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59student question is ethical and Sankalp this both touch each other then which of the following option is correct ok student let's find both circle if two circles touch each other than condition is even speak to is equals to R1 plus R2 to find even centre and centre near Delhi - 7 - 7 - F1 next C2 - 32 - next R1 OK I will it cost to do tender given a square b square
01:00 - 01:59square and R2 and this will be attended to a square + 2 X going to find distance 72 I am going to apply this condition mathematics this is she was it will be a square root minus 2 minus minus B 12 basilicum Jivan - 2 X square + 1 -2 square ok 72 is equal to R1 I am not going to write R1 and R2 because till now this is very complicated I am going to squaring books I am going to is very good night and I will
02:00 - 02:59both will be given a square + 2 x square - 20121 X square + 2 x square - 2 F1 F2 is equal to X square + 8 to 11 spelling be given a square + b square yard to square B square + Y square + 2 R1 R2 ok and this item will get cancel out ok now but we can write this has also this two and two will get cancel out to enter will get pencil out this to this to me this two will get
03:00 - 03:59I am get minor Z1 Z2 plus iPhone X to square is equals to 1 MTR to MM going to spelling not whole square is not I am going to squaring once again but I will get even a square B square + 1 x square into X square + 201 G2 F1 F2 is equal to almonard this and it's quite both square root will be removed and there will be given a square + b square into X square + b square ok now I am going
04:00 - 04:59X that I didn't even a square B square + 1 x square into X square + 1 x square y square + a square if its kind of 1858 this work will get cancel out and will be left with two G1 G2 F1 F2 is equal to given a square if 2 X square + a square b square ok ok next time I am going to write this I am going to transfer Jivan if to this site and applied to given to a fun it was given to a fun F2 plus jivanti to a fun if you like this
05:00 - 05:59G1 G2 F1 F2 - 7 x square y square is equal to x square into x square - G1 G2 F1 F2 ok Nau I will take to even if two common z1x to common belief with Jeetu 81 - Jivan to ok aur also no need to write this much this is very easy calculation you can read it and you'll understand very easily ok so now I am going to transfer this 2012 a phone if you that I will get Jivan a square if 2 X square + 1 x
06:00 - 06:59D2H square - 2012 F1 F2 is equal to zero by a square + b square minus 23 12 - EP 12 whole square is equals to zero and the Silver come give 1 and 2 - EP 132 is equal to zero and even if 2 is equals to F12 and this is our condition ok to option one it correct Jivan British F2 ok Jivan ft equals to thank you student

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