Class 11






Trigonometric Functions


If b=3,c=4,a n dB=pi/3, then f...

If `b=3,c=4,a n dB=pi/3,` then find the number of triangles that can be constructed.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `sinB/b=sinC/c`<br> `(sinn2/3)/3=sinC/4`<br> `sinC=2/sqrt3>1`<br> `-1<=sintheta<=1`<br> angle C is not possible<br> No`triangle` is possible.


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FB question 3624 and be equal to 5 by 3 then find the number of triangles that can be constructed theek hai Tumhen sine rule use karta hun sandal Kahate Hain Sin B upon B is equals to science Ch 13 figure or private hi to sin pi by 3 upon 3 will be added to their Quest to science 3 upon 4 class ninth value with a Jayegi yaar Sine Se aata hai ki root 3 by 2 hota hai science volume 2 by root 3 root 3 raha hai ki Science Ki value kya Gai Subaru to see which is greater than 1 kabhi bhi sine sine ki range Kitni Hoti Hai sign theeta ki range Hoti Hai - 1 se 12 Agar Mere Sine Se badhiya angle C is not possible angles she is not possible to iska matlab this implies no triangle is no triangle

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