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If b1,b2bn are the nth roots of unity, then prove that ^nC1.b1+nC2.b2++nCn.bnb1b2{(1+b2)n1}.



hello students showcase given if B1 B2 BN are the roots of the unity these are the roots of the unity we know the roots of the unit is 1 Omega omega square or negative like this then prove that we have to prove that n Si 1 into 1 + 2 into 2 + ions and you are observed in here that and 7 is X means the native the roots of unity and like me how to get this point we know the roots of the unit is what 1 Omega Omega Omega cube like this enough to omega 2 power n -1 in it for rent and hear the year in description is given that this is equal to B1 B2 B3 B4 like this it is going to be open it now from here we can conclude a b 1 equal to what one and how you will
find out the bittu bittu will be what B2 is given to first time into second term second term divided first of two divided by 1 -2 -1 it is equal to be one into B / B1 B1 B1 B2 if you want to find out the value of B 32 you can find out how how to like it is equal to B2 B3 Quest to be to again b3b 23 - 1 like this if you will go it again you will get me to square before I will be equal to 22 like this if you will find out of an equal to be of 2 and -1 it now we will talk about distance because now you can see there is N72 B1 and settle into beta like
this what is given and C 1 into 1 + 2 into 2 like this ncn into behan now at the place of B1 I can put one isn't it and see 1 into 1 + and C2 into the place of B2B and b2c value is equal to how much MB 223 equals to at the earth at the place of because there will be 32 bit like this if I will go and see any equal to b to the power n -1 isn't it now you have to offer one now just imagine that at the place of one there is I can put one there is I can put one there is I can put one like this I'm taking the B11 is common so one at the place of one I can because at the place of one I can put be one so I am
taking the one is a common because there is also be one there is one into 182 vitamins B1 like this because you know general Tum what we get that and C2 between square and Square NC 17 like this but there the power of B2 is less than one less than previous or less than the term so what you can do we will try to multiply and divide two if so it will become what it will become if I will multiply inside this it is nearly if I will multiply inside so you will get nc1 interview to multiply this I am just multiplying inside and c2b to square and c3b to cube like these and B
to the power and it is looking somewhere exit form but we are not having air and sea water can I do we invited to ok I can add and 60 as well as I can subtract here so it will become nc0 and c-1b to NC to be to square like this and see and be 2 and minus nc0 isn't it now I know this is the what this is a form of B1 B2 this is what this is from here to there this is what oneplus B to the power how much and it and at the place of and see what is the value of n Si 0 is 1 this is what we have to find out hence proved we have fruit we have found out we were divided into 1 + b to the power n -1
and we are getting same so this is your answer


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