If a=z_1+z_2+z_3, b=z_1+omega z_2+omega^2z_3,c=z_1+omega^2z_2+omegaz_3(1,omega, omega^2 are cube roots of unity), then the value of z_2 in terms of a,b, and c is (A) (aomega^2+bomega+c)/3 (B) (aomega^2+bomega^2+c)/3 (C) (a+b+c)/3 (D) (a+bomega^2+comega)/3



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Updated On: 3-7-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone letter start this question this question is if a = Z1 Pro Z2 plus 83 be equal Z1 Plus Omega Z2 plus omega square z3 C = Z1 Plus or make a square Z2 plus Omega z3 and 1 Omega omega square one make a square are cube roots of Unity then the value of Z to in terms of A B and C is option is a omega square + b Omega plus 3 upon 3 second option is a omega square + b square + c of upon the third option is a + b + c upon three fourth option is a + b omega square + c Omega upon 3 now let's look at the fact that since 1 Mega Square and cube roots of Unity therefore what happens is that there's some that is oneplus omega plus omega square
01:00 - 01:59is and their product that is omega cube is one of these are the facts that we should know regarding them now let's look at the first equation a = Z1 Plus Z2 Plus z3 now let's look at the second equation B = what we need to do is multiply this equation B = this equation X both sides with omega square then this becomes be X omega square and not Z Square that is b x omega square yard is equal to omega square x Z1 Plus omegacube X Z2 plus Omega power 4
02:00 - 02:59x z3 now let's look at the last equation c equal to we will multiply this equation with Omega then we are left with Omega X Z1 it is Z 1 X Omega plus Omega cube x z to that is Z 2 X Omega cube lastly we have omega square x z3 it is it three times omega square knife is just add all these equation up if you just add them up what we are going to find is that a + b omega square + c Omega that is equal to Z 1 X 1 + Omega plus omega square + Z 2 X 1
03:00 - 03:59Omega cube is one this is one so three plus that three times omega square Omega power 4 is again Omega cube x Omega cube is one so this is this is basically again this so this is the value now this is zero this is zero this is against zero these two terms first two term for first and last term saah0 and we are left with Z2 this implies that a + b omega square + c Omega upon 3 that is equal to visit to the final value of Z to correct option is last option is a correct one that completes our question thank you

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