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If A={x:x=3n,n in N} and B={x:...

If A={x:x=3n,n in N} and B={x:x=4n,n in N}, then find A cap B.



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Updated On: 31-5-2021

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Answer :
`{x : x = 12n, n in N}`



00:00 - 00:59question that was given to us was it a subset of a set is given that is X belongs to x = 23 and wear and belongs to natural number and b is equal to X ratio X is equals to 4 and belongs natural number then find value of a intersection b a subset this week was to become this is 3 and so if we put the value of n natural number so if we put one we get 3 if we put too big 8689 so it was 33 multiple similarly be consists of that is equals to that is that is it consists of element that is if we put one big 84 we put 28 we put three we get well before we get 16 and so on so similarly from here we can consider that a intersection b is equals to that is elements like that is 12 latest 12 and the again the element that we have is equals to that is
01:00 - 01:5924 similarly again the element that will have that A and B intersection consists of that is 24 that is 36 48 this means that the intersection b a intersection b is equals to the multiple of 12 we can say that 12n show a intersection b is equals to 12 and thank you

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