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If arg(z)=-pi/4 then the valu...

If arg(z)=-pi/4 then the value of arg((z^5+(bar(z))^5)/(1+z(bar(z))))^n is



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Updated On: 20-5-2021

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`pi` if n is odd0, if n is even`3pi//2``pi//4`

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59hello friends so in this question it is given to me that if argument of Z is equals to minus 5 by 4 then the value of argument Z to the power 5 + Z conjugate to the power 5 upon 1 + get into Z conjugate whole to the power n is worth two in the nominated you can see what it is given oneplus z z draught we know we know that z z y is equals to model that ok so here I can write that oneplus that into every B equals to 1 + Mod of Z and its square the value only get from that area greater than zero now it
01:00 - 01:59is given to the power 4 + get object to the power 5 say that this will be equal to what led to the power 5 + 8 to the power 5 and its conjugate ok so this will also give me a real ok so that contribute to the side oneplus Z bar is equal to whole to the power n will be equal to what argument real number because its value equal to a real number ok real number to the power and it will give me another number this will give me an another
02:00 - 02:59real number when I can write your that your argument of X + is it is equals to 10 inverse y b and when you Itni Y = 2020 it means 1000 this will be equal to zero only ok so here I can see that the argument of another real number this value will come zero when you will take an even number from this I can see that my value is 0 ok so my option B will be correct which is zero if any

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