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If area of the ellipse (x^(2))...

If area of the ellipse (x^(2))/(16)+(y^(2))/(b^(2))=1 inscribed in a square of side length 5sqrt(2) is A, then (A)/(pi) equals to :



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Updated On: 8-5-2021

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Answer :



00:00 - 00:59hello guys welcome to dotnet today's question we have given if the area of ellipse x square by 16 + Y square by b square equal to 1 inscribed in a square of length 5 route to now is a now we have to find a bi Pi superstar of all we need to drop a let's do it will become like this now it is also said that elapses under the square square will be looked like that suppose we are giving this side a b c d side and in a given question we have given side length is 5 and if this are electric then it'll become circle because this is Daru now let's suppose are this point is so and we have given equation X square + Y square equal to a square + b square this is an ellipse equation and so it will become X square + Y square equal to
01:00 - 01:59state + b square according to question let's suppose this is an equation 1 and a given question we have option 1210 a 10112 the value of a bi Pi sunao VD diagonal of square ABCD and how we find diagonal of a nice day it is formula root 2 into side of square so side of square in a given question is given as 5 route to go from here we get BD value stand sunao bi O bi O is a radius of the circle Sobi you will be come 10 by to which is 5 now we have to find the equation of the circle so it will become X square + Y square equal to 5 let's suppose this is equation to now when we compare equation 1 and equation to show from here we can say that 16 + b square it will come 5 square
02:00 - 02:59equal to 25 and from here we are getting b-value S3 and we know that area of ellipse is pi into a bi sunao area of ellipse will be combined into a is 4 and 3 and we will take 5 value as 3.17 into 4 into three sunao area will become 37.6 8 cm and in a given question areas denoted by capital sunao in a given question we have to find value of a bi Pi so now we can write down five into 3/54 final a bi pi value will be come to hell now we are to check which of the option contain site value and we can say that afternoon contain site value sorry option one is correct thank you guys I hope you like my video

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