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If alpha,beta,gamma are the roots of a x^3+b x^2+cx+d=0 and |[alpha,beta,gamma],[beta,gamma,alpha],[gamma,alpha,beta]|=0, alpha!=beta!=gamma then find the equation whose roots are alpha+beta-gamma,beta+gamma-alpha, and gamma+alpha-beta.



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Updated On: 2-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello question if alpha beta gamma are the roots of the equation X square + b square + 3 X + 3 equal to zero and determinant of alpha beta gamma beta come alpha and gamma alphabet zero Alpha Alpha Alpha and equation ax2 + bx + c + D alpha beta gamma that determined of alpha beta gamma theta alpha and gamma alphabet 2015 this achievement we have a condition that this is equal to 3 x of alpha beta gamma minus Alpha cube minus b cube minus b cube is zero ok so from this week and Alpha cube plus b cube plus Gama cube is equal to 3 years from the traditional this if this condition who then
01:00 - 01:59alpha + beta + Gamma is equal to zero this implies we can I should hear that alpha + beta is equal to minus 2 find equation whose roots are alpha + beta + Gamma plus support this route is by and so why call to given as alpha + theta minus cos alpha + beta is equal to -2 kam so from here we can computer Gama call to minus 5 by 2 alpha beta gamma already the root of the equation that is a few so we can write the given equation is a x + b x square + 3 x of chromoplast equal to sirf customise the root of the equation of the equation from your visits to the value of Commerce ATM so minus 1 upon 2 X + b x minus b upon
02:00 - 02:592 X square + X - 2 + b is equal to zero is minus 5 by 2 minus 1 upon 2 + b y square upon 2 cos square - 4 - upon 2 + 20 20 SMS 8 so this is minus y cube + 2 x square - 4 x + 80 Y is a variable so we can reproduce by x square minus x cube + 2 x square - 4 x + 8 is equal to see you should I put this is a required field equation whose roots are vitamins

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