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If `alpha,beta` are the zeros of the polynomial `f(x)=a x^2+b x+c ,` then `1/(alpha^2)+1/(beta^2)=` `(b^2-2a c)/(a^2)` (b) `(b^2-2a c)/(c^2)` (c) `(b^2+2a c)/(a^2)` (d) `(b^2+2a c)/(c^2)`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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which is the quadratic equation X square + bx + c then one of Alpha Square One Upon of m square will be hard to find out the action from these four option so that standard equation of effect X square + bx + c and a simplified 10 quadratic equations for these alpha and beta alpha + beta will be minus b b a and Alpha into beat witcher 3 by 8 if we put these values in this equation for it will be satisfied right now for calculating the value of this function will provide these two equation alpha + beta upon helping to beta minus of be upon of a and P upon of a i will be

cancelled be upon you are taking a square + b square alpha square b square equal to b square c square we can open The Identity Alpha squire Plus Bita squire plus two alpha beta / Alpha square b square b square c square we can separate the denominator 1 by X square + 1 by one upon sorry 2.2 beta equals to B Upon A C square now we have the value of alpha and beta so we can put a one by Alpha square + 1 by beta square equals to B upon x square

minus of Two Alpha into beta 3 upon of a and it will be in numerator we can take the team will be a square B square minus 2 AC 21 square + 1 upon B square minus b square minus 2 AC square the second option is correct option

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