If adjB=A,|P|=|Q|=1,then.adj(Q1BP1) is a.PQ b. QAP c. PAQ d. PA1Q


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if adjoint of a is equal to a and determine topi determinant of you are both are equal to one right then the value of adjoint of Universe BP inverse is option it basically this question will find the value of a and b p in side as we know that adjoint of a b c is equal adjoint of c x and joint of bi night and it is also X and Y is enjoined of ke where is joint of a right so why using this property
of adjoint we can write this thing as and joint of inverse B inverse and ride as by using days it will come and joined of P inverse is x adjoint of the right and it is also X network connected this is adjoint of Universe end of sides so where we know that the value of adjoint of pin of inverse Laplace inverse it comes out a device using this thing we can write at the end up in words we can ride SP / determinant of B.Ed is multiplied here you can see that adjoint of we were given two equal to 8 in place of
maybe we can write has a light and it is x here at the end of Universe which is equal to by using this property weekend as / detriment of you right but as we know that the value of determinant of P and Q both are one night so it is equal to win this is equal to 18 so we can ride as here we come to write if you see in option option option C will be correct this accuride so that are fun and thank you

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