If a,b,c are rational and are in G.P and a-b, c-a, b-c are in H.P. then the equations ax^2+4bx-c=0 and a(b-c)x^2+b(c-a)x+c(a-b)=0 have (A) imaginary roots (B) irrational roots (C) rational roots (D) a common root



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Updated On: 27-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59everyone Swarg question is if a b c are rational and are in GP then a minus b minus b minus C are in HP then the equation X square + 4 x minus is equal to zero and a b minus 3 X square + b into C minus 3 X + b into a minus b is equal to zero have given for option and you may need to tell which option is correct na series think this is what we have we have a b c are rational so that is I'm in a b c are rational and in shipping if it is a b c are in GP if ABC is GP that means what we can say b square is equal to four AC I can say this ok now again what I'm going to say is this is all I can say that if a
01:00 - 01:59minus b cos C minus b minus C are in HP so I can say about one upon a minus b upon 3 minus 1 by b minus C are in AP then if I apply the condition of AP so that is it 2 upon 3 minus A is equal to 1 upon 1 minus b + 1 upon 2 minus solve this so you get what to kaun si minus A is equal to be a w b - 3 + A minus b that means what I can say that - ok C - upon we have what a minus b into B minus C cross multiply so you get 12
02:00 - 02:59a minus b into B minus C is equal to what I have what -3 -4 this on our equation now if I find the of this thing that 4 x minus 3 AS sorry minus 3 is equal to what I'm going to do if I am going to find D of this thing that is per 16 B square minus b minus b minus becomes colourless for AC should the value of key CTET result 2018 BSc this is this will be also possible that you can dispose in is there done that roots will be what a real ok and on equal roots ok now this is what again
03:00 - 03:59this thing that into what we have into B minus C XS puppies and is never been to C minus x plus into minus 3 find the so that is what is equal to b square minus 4 2020 ok C minus C whole square minus 4 a see that is a b minus C A minus b what I'm going to do is Gam Ki Sabse Badi value of two minus a minus b that is what - of sin minus a whole is so that is a d is equal to I am going to take common W C - holster what we talking this - 10 -
04:00 - 04:59becomes colourless services + to Nashik Shirdi value of t c b square is equal to 3 minus A square and the Three Bears this is a thing that will be positive displacement think that will be positive so that is not in greater than zero that means that the roots are real and on equal real it means what it can be rational roots or irrational notes as well because we know that the what I can say real number is a set of rational number ok as well as it is set of irrational number also ok so roots can be what it can be rational or it can be rational as well that means what I can say that option
05:00 - 05:59B and C are correct thank you

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