If `ab=2a+3b, agt0, b gt0`, then the minimum value of ab is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

1224`(1)/(4)`none of these

Answer :
Solution :
`ab=2a+3b rArr b=(2a)/(a-3)` <br> Now `z=ab=(2a^(2))/(a-3)` <br> `rArr" "(dz)/(da)=(2[(a-3)2a-a^(2)])/((a-3)^(2))=(2[a^(2)-6a])/((a-3)^(2))` <br> Put `(dz)/(da)=0, therefore a^(2)-6a=0, a=0,6` <br> Clearly a = 6 is point of minima <br> when `a=6, b=4 rArr (ab)_("min")=6xx4=24`


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guys let's start with the question if ab is equal to 2A + 3 Y is greater than zero and BA so greater than zero then the minimum value of N2 we select find it we have AB equal to 2A + 3 B which implies that BD equal to 2 / -3 right now red equal to ab so a square hay - 3 ok which implies designed by the equal to 2 a - 3 to a - 1 - 3 whole square which is

equal to 2 a square minus 6 a minus b square good desired by the equal to zero which implies that a square minus 6 is equal to zero which employee is equal to 0 6 really 1 6.8 of Mini right and when is equal to 6 equal to 4 which implies a to be minimum equal to 16 24

that is 24 24 hours open answer 24 thank you

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