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Class 9






Introduction To Euclids Geometry


If AB, AC, AD, and AE are para...

If `AB, AC, AD,` and `AE` are parallel to a line `l`, then points `A, B, C, D` and `E` are collinear

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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speedofme accrued dekhna hai ki agar ab 18 a parallel to a line in 10 points A B C D and e are collinear theek hai To Ham barrel length ke bare mein baat kar rahe two Parallel Lines axiom Mortal Kombat X game cheat kar Leta Jisko Ham use Karenge ko proof karne mein two parallel exam cheat karta hai ki only one line is bol if a point a coach isn't it but that is a point lies outside a line lies outside a line matlab Koi point Bahar app line then only one parallel line can be drawn through one parallel line to the given line to the cable line is possible from that point is possible

from that point is comment line given M Uske Bahar a point-to-point se Ham ek hi parallel line draw kar sakta matlab Agar Hamara line L1 aur Yahan per Koi point happy point se sirf ek hi parallel line Jo se possible am Agar Ham Dekhen 2 1 1 point 2 ka is the recessive 1 barrel and L2 possible is point pcl2 parallel to L1 is Kalawati Parallel Lines pointed Rani kar sakte Ham theek hai ab Hamen Jo proof karna to usne Hamen dekhta main given kya given hai ki bhi AC ad and it is sari chuhe yah parallel line ki parallel to line theek hai aur Hamen proof kya karna hai to prove a

CDS online all all are collinear points per like karte ab Iske prove state Karta proof To Hamen kya given a ki AB AB is a line parallel that means point a lies outside the lies right align in tabhi Ham Ek points 8 hours Airlines bana sakte hain ab yah light outside the line of from parallel Exim from parallel axiom only one and can be drawn only one line can be drawn through l through point a witch's through point a which is parallel to L which is parallel to

iska matlab kya hua ki bhi AC ad and represent same line ki sari lines parallel aur ek point sale aur Vishnu ki line Agar yah Ek line hai iska matlab ABCD lies on the same line lies on the same line that means a b c d e f are collinear aur Silai ka kam se kam Nahin point Kahenge Oriya may prove karna tha so hence proved to Speedo many parallaxsome kit was approved next intersecting lines ki property packing


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