If `A(alpha, (1)/(alpha)), B(beta, (1)/(beta)), C(gamma,(1)/(gamma))` be the vertices of a `Delta ABC`, where `alpha, beta` are the roots of `x^(2)-6ax+2=0, beta, gamma` are the roots of `x^(2)-6bx+3=0` and `gamma, alpha` are the roots of `x^(2)-6cx + 6 =0`, a, b, c being positive. <br> The coordinates of orthocentre of `Delta ABC` is

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hello everyone let's start the question question series that is a Kaisa also be reached on why we feel it uses of triangle ABC Aisa beta are the roots of x square - 68 other roots of x square - 6 X + 3 = 20 and the reach of the coordinates of coaching centre we have to find out so what will do well as the equation of the one Excel minus 6 X + 2 = 20 and alpha and beta are the roots of the equation the sum of roots started alpha + beta as the no - efficient of its / coefficient of x square equal the sick and product of roots is a constant term / option of exadata to we can find the sum of roots for the sum of roots and the product

for the next week Nation mix equation of x square - 6 X + 3 = 20 now again the sum of roots as beta gamma are the roots of the equation beta + Gamma is equal to 6 b and m g r s = 23 seminary for the third iteration we can find the sum and product 2 x square - 6 X + 6 = 3rd equation so we can find Oggy and the sum of and product of roots it will be alpha + beta is equal to 60 and as Obama as it is now we can find the value of the alpha beta and gamma alpha beta into beta gamma / alfagomma we can find the product is 2 into 3 over it is equals to 1 and X this work we are

beta beta square is equals to work that implies beta is equal to 18 so we can find it implies that beta is one it implies Alpha is equal to 2 and theta equals to one in Christ is equal to see so the values of Alpha Beta and Gamma so the vertices of triangle are vertices of triangle are a 21 bs11 and CSC coma 1 by 3 find the slope of the slope of BC is equal to as you know formula to find the Lotus by 2 minus y 1 over 6 -

it will be 1 by 3 minus 1 divided by 3 minus 1 equals to minus 4 by 3 over to which is equals to minus 1 by 3 no as the slope of perpendicular Line or negative Rakhi profile each other and in the triangle suppose this one is the time taking the swan triangle for the triangle if the slopes are supposed to 1 by 2 + 1 is the event and the Sonnet sequence 1 by slope of BCS minus 1 by 3 slope of this altitude Slope of a line perpendicular to BC will be negative reciprocal so that it will be the slope of the slope of Eid is equal to 3

so we can find the equation of a d equation of the equation of a equation will be Y minus y equal to x minus 2 Y - 1 = 3 into x minus 3 equal to cos it is equal to 1 minus 2 Y - 1 = 2 x minus 2 into 66 - 12 equation dikha have this equation becomes to why are 6 x minus 2 Y is equal to 11 taking the as we already have equation

of now what will do for other will find the equation of this line also that the next altitude attitude of we will find the intersection point of these attitudes to find the orthocenter to head post office even find out slope of EC no of AC 1 by 3 minus 1 by 2 divided by 3 minus 2 minus 1 by 6 now b is perpendicular to AC slope of hope of the ES negative reciprocal equation of the equation of the becomes again we can apply 1 - 2y

- 1 = 26 into x minus 1 which implies equation as 6 x minus Y is equal to the equation solving equation we can find the find the coordinates of Auto Centre Sofia what will subject for secretion from the second 12 what will be getting error getting her response cancelled out and Y is equals to minus y equal to minus of 666 - why mattress 6 X + 6 = 25 execution coordinates of coordinates of centre coordinates of centre minus 1 by 6 and

6 are required according latest match which option is correct for -16 and Science

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