If a1,a2,a3,a4 be the coefficient of four consecutive terms in the expansion of (1+x)n, then prove that: a1a1+a2+a3a3+a4=2a2a2+a3.


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hello everyone question question say is that A1 A2 A3 A4 the coefficient of four consecutive terms in the expansion of oneplus X raised to the power and then Prove Prove even by Evan Kasi 2 + 3 by 3 + 1 is equal to 2 by 2 + 8 we will solve both the sides separately will take the left hand side that is even by a 1 + 2 + 3 by 3 + A4 solving this let us state the coefficient of four consecutive terms in the expansion the NTR NTR plus 1 NCERT class 2 NCERT class 3 these are the coefficients to these are the values of A1 A2 A3
and A4 latest replaced values with efficient hair so we can write down this one as NTR NTR NTR plus NCERT class 1 NCERT 10 2 / n c h + 2 + NCR + 3 now we can write down this one as we can write down the above as by the formula ok we have the formula if a + N T A + 1 if these two are the same these two are consecutive integers then this will become and + 13 April 12
will apply this property of combination hair in the above an even by Evan + 2 + 2 by 3 by 3 + 4 will become NCR over n + 1 CR plus one plus NCERT plus two / n t n + 1 CR plus 3 now we can put down the values as we can open the combination platter n factorial over ah factorial divided by and minus architect Orion Mall / 4 / what we have n + 1 factorial divided by 8 plus one pictorial into n minus 8 October write this one can be written as n factorial over ah Plus
and minus are -2 factorial divided by 1 + 1 factorial divided by 8 plus 3 factorial and 2n + 1 - are -3 this one can be written as an hour minus into minus minus 2 factorial now how we can write down the above one we can write down the other one as n class 8 plus one over in plus one this one because we can write down this one and + 1 pictorial has n + 1 into n factorial which one cancelled out to the above similarly for 8 plus one pictorial save and this completely cancelled out right and this one also cancelled out so we are getting the songs and
the denominator are plus 3 over and plus one now taking the LCM we can write down the sworn as 2 into 1 + 2 / n + 1 + 1 equation now will solve for the right inside and in a right inside what we have we have to eat to eat to divided by 2 + 3 now write down the values have twice into twice and through NCR + 1 / NCR + 1 + sin C + 2 which implies has which implies has infectoria over ah + 1 and 2 and -1 -1 factorial divided to
have something n factorial over ah plus one pictorial end-to-end - are -1 factorial generally and petroleum over 8 + tutorial and 2 and minus are -2 petroleum like this for solving the swan what we are getting their getting had to into 2 into the sun cancelled out from numerous as well as the nominated that is n factorial so after solving this we are getting to N2 + 2 / n + 1 this is our second equation off from first and second we can see have both sides are equal that means the equation is equal to that means hair this one is equal to a win over even + 82 + 83 Uber eats 3 + 4 is equal
to twice of a 2 divided by 2 + this is our E2 plus 3 10000 acquired through this required answer in queue

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