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If A=[{:(1,a),(0,1):}] then A^...

If A=[{:(1,a),(0,1):}] then A^(n) (where n in N) is equal to



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Updated On: 9-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59let's try to solve this if it is given that if a matrix is given us 101 then we have to find what is a raise to the power and these are the question so I'm going to solve let's suppose I am finding first a square and how I am going to find the E Square just multiply in 2018 into 180/12 Matrix I multiplying that this column X 21 into one is 1200 + 0 then 1 into this again this column by this row and multiplying 21 into a is a plus into one is a similarity zero in 21801 in
01:00 - 01:592002 I am getting error 0 again this column x 20 into a is 01821 it so what I am getting this 12801 now let's try to find it for a cube so this will be a square into a metric a square Matrix already did 12 a01 and again is 1801 this will be cool to show again the same method column into row 1 into one is 1200 this is one again this one into a is a two way into one is to again this 0121 is
02:00 - 02:590-1 in 2007 and also we get one finally we are getting it 1301 as you can see that I can write this Matrix as Ritesh all you can see that these are the same thing the 101101 and if I am giving the matrix I am getting that you ok so here you if I am finding for a to the power 5 W I will be having I will be having that one 501 if I am finding it for the e to the power and w i will be getting I will be getting 1n a01 ok now let's match which of the option is there two option number
03:00 - 03:59one is the

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