If A=[[10,3],[1,2]] and B=[[1,0],[1,-1]], verify that (AB)\'=B\'A\'



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Updated On: 21-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello what is this question of matrix A am we are given to us ok we need to verify that every dash means transport is equals to be transposed a transfers multiplication and this is also property ok is the property of matrix ok here we are given to us for finding a b dash first we need to find AB ok se let's write a ab multiplication of matrix A with metals V it will be 10132 Hai these metrics and metrics 20 11 0 and -1 ok so this medication will come out to be when how to multiply two matrices this room multiply with this column first then with this column ok and similarly will carry the process it will be 10 plus 3 ok here and 80 - 3 ok no this value will be what + 2 and this value will be 0 - 2 and this is what this value of h ab so let's write a ab will be equal to 10 plus with that
01:00 - 01:5913123 -3 and -2 but we need to 1GB dashare look in the equation ab dash ok Shoaib dash means transpose ok se let me tell you what is transpose of a matrix we interchange rows and column with each other ok 13 and minus 3 is my first post it will be now first column 39 - 3 and here at 3 and minus 2 a b dash and this is what this is my value of L suicide left hand side ok now in Rs we need to find B dash 8-400 first will find Bidar status let me be an a matrix in power bi and metals that are given to send a question we need to find me dash and dash ok transfer as I said it will be 101 - 1 and a dash means transpose of a will be close to this will be now column 10 3 will be call now and 12 will be next column now ok and change row with column so we need to find value of w b dash 8
02:00 - 02:59ok this is what this is value of our right hand side ok this is Rs value so this value will come out to be put the mattress is literally 101 - 1 and other metrics that is a dash it is 10 31 and to hear ok multiply two Matrix we have this question we are discussed that we are discussed how to multiply matrix it will be 10 plus 3 here then it will be one plus to him OK then 0 - 3 and 0 - 27 for the solving hear what will get let me write a b dash 8-12 equals to 10 + Z is 13 - 33 and -2 so this is what this is word RHS value ok RHS analysis value already got 30 - 33 - 230 - 3 - 2 so therefore we have concluded that RHS right hand side it is equal to left hand side ok so we have verified the property of matrix
03:00 - 03:59is a b dash is equal to P dash dash thank you

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