If a_1, a_2, a_3,.....a_n are in H.P. and a_1 a_2+a_2 a_3+a_3 a_4+.......a_(n-1) a_n=ka_1 a_n, then k is equal to



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Updated On: 2-5-2021

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`(1)/(a_(2))-(1)/(a_(1))=(1)/(a_(3))-(1)/(a_(2))="....."=(1)/(a_(n))-(1)/(a_(n-1))=d" "[" say "]` <br> Then `a_(1)a_(2)=(a_(1)-a_(2))/(d),a_(2)a_(3)=(a_(2)-a_(3))/(d)".....",a_(n-1)a_(n)=(a_(n-1)-a_(n))/(d)` <br> `:.a_(1)a_(2)+a_(2)a_(3)+"....."+a_(n-1)a_(n)=(a_(1)-a_(n))/(d)` <br> Also, `(1)/(a_(n))=(1)/(a_(1))+(n-1)d implies (a_(1)-a_(n))/(d)=(n-1)a_(1)a_(n)` <br> `:.a_(1)a_(2)+a_(2)a_(3)+"......"+a_(n-1)a_(n)=(n-1)a_(1)a_(n)`.



00:00 - 00:59OK so the question here we have is if A1 A2 A3 are in HP and A1 A2 Plus A2 A3 Plus A3 A4 is equals to this one then we have to find the value of k hair write this year and then would HP so what I do first virus solution air right now it's given to us that it's given that A1 A2 han A3 up to a n Aron what HP from this we can clearly see that my won by a 11 by a to write up to 1 by a n r n w a p read this is the relation we know from the http means that if I have a difference between first and second term which is 1 by 2 minus 1 by a one this will you what this is coming to me as a 1 -2 by
01:00 - 01:59a to this might be ready is my common difference write this should I can observe a converted year Aadi is my common defence ok sunao de do look I can also write its equation in this form to manipulate it right this one so this can be written as a 1.82 records what a 1 -2 by the right now save it for future use so will mark the big box this is what we get Ok Sammelan let's give us a question number 1 if I have this one for CS firms in Delhi for second and third term will get it as a 2.83 is not a 2 - 3D ladies Mein common difference students are in AP great so this makes my question to now if I have to find the nth term of AP is SAP which one are there
02:00 - 02:59this will ka match 1 B minor Tum so 1 by x minus 3 is equal to first term first term is what one by A1 Plus and minus one the plate is the formula you know that now you can also specify hear this is an IT term of my AP rate sunao de do ok now I cannot live in this home this one a n -1 by a 1 is equal to what and -1 De so this will become what AVN minus 1 by a 1.in again and - 1st merit so from this I can clearly see that this can be written as using this my a1and 1 - A and B is equals to vote and -1 a 1.no ke
03:00 - 03:59for the user will make a boxer for future use this equation sunao what we have to find out in the question we have to find out this one this one this one some series is equal to what is this something which will have 1 value came so I lay down their first question is that A1 A2 Plus A2 A3 Plus up to a n -1 and should be equal to what he times of a one ok but for now we will keep it as their ke times of a 19 December question is saying ok so if we do the lhs part we can I did I say what is the value of a when you too if I look at the question number 111 value is even managed to get a value se 1 - A to B + 8 v3search am a to minus 3 by 3 + what is the value of this one a 1 - sin b d o w
04:00 - 04:59shop I can I read here was a - 1 and -1 again if you become a n -1 - of a and by d is equal to what ke Evan and now if I take the common from the every question reading this you will get one by ID in your life with what a 1 - 2 + 2 - 3 up to what Plus and minus 1 minus of a n is equal to what ka18 we know that now accept a one and ANR V is it can only get the value as a 1 - 82 sorry not a to a 1 minus 1 by the right equals to ke and now do you know the value of a 1978 in this one so I put the value here this will become n -1 a 1 a.m.
05:00 - 05:59EcoSport Kate aims of a one end if they compare both the sides I can clearly see that this one is equal to what this one so this is that for the header Section Officer question ke should because what and -1 OK so the value of k will come up to us as and -1 a1and the whole value of this will become bored and -1 and so often is what this one

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