If `a_1, a_2, a_3(a_1>0)` are three successive terms of a G.P. with common ratio `r ,` for which `a_3>4a_2-3a_1` holds true is given by a. `1ltrlt-3` b. `-3ltrlt-1` c. `r gt3 or rlt1` d. none of these

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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122 question is if A1 A2 A3 even if it isn't there are three successive terms of a GP with common ratio which is greater than 4.2 - is given option is greater than -3.2 lesson 13 none of these sunao latest SUV that Evil is equals to a a 2 is equal to a r r r 3 = 3 is greater than 4

E2 - 3 x able to know if we substitute the value of this becomes A is greater than 4 time r38 to simplify this come R square greater than four are -3 if it it also comes a square minus 4 h + 3 greater than zero now if factor is this the term is minus 3 into our -1 greater than 0 now this case they are equal

an hour is equal to 3 now let us create a number line here to this is the number line and we have are equal to an equal to 3 if any number and put it here this becomes negative internet as a positive if it take any number between and get a negative and similarly the best that are is or are is greater than this is our final answer sunao latest IQ option we see that an option number C is the correct answer

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