Updated on:26/04/2023

If A=[1321] , find the determinant of the matrix A22A .



hello students in this question we had given matrix A and B have to find the determinant of matrix A square minus 2 a first phone we have to find the matrix a square has to be ok to eat -2 a will be into that is metric 1321 into 1321 square minus 2 into Matrix that is equal to 13 21 ok that we can multiply two Matrix by using the row column method so Rowan of this Matrix will be multiplied by one of these metrics to element one will be one into one that is 1 + 3 into 2 that is equal to 6
1823 that is 3 + 3 into one ok similarly element of this will be 2 into 1 + 1 into two that is true ok similarly this element will be put into three that is 6 + 1 into 1 ok and multiply two Matrix navigate to December 6 this before and this will lead to ok now adding the gate oneplus 6 that is 7 3 + 3 that is 62 + 26 + 17 - matrix 2642 Navya to subtract two this and you know that two methods can be subtracted by subtracting the corresponding element so we will be subjected
to to forget 7 - 2 that is equal to 5696 that is equal to zero 4 - 4 that is equal to zero and 72 that 25 now to find out of this ok so 2005 and this is equal to 5 into 5 - 0 which is equal to 25 and determinant of E square minus 2 Y is equal to 25 and 25 is our answer thank you


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