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If A={1,\ 2,\ 3,\ 4} , B={2,\ ...

If `A={1,\ 2,\ 3,\ 4}` , `B={2,\ 4,\ 6,\ 8}` and `f: A->B` is given by `f(x)=2x` , then write `f` and `f^(-1)` as a set of ordered pairs.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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National Physical to having two and four subject to a given by equals to order to find this type and even worse and we have to write order functions which you haven't really is equal to twice of X and Y to another element to having a

28 and 32 knowledge maker example for you so this will help understanding this question about a year and insightvm elements 1 to season 4 1 2 3 and 4 and inside BB have elements for 24 any site and get a to z a2b Adyar to find this can happen was also

from b2k this this is so as the question as a question on the type of x is equal to twice then we are putting here at place of putting one then we are getting twice of which is equal to 24 of 24 X 24 ft equal to 6 as 23 and therefore difficult to keep putting a value that one then it gives answer to when you put it to genetic 4 when putting things than it is for genetic so we can write the effect it affect cell that belongs to Capital of a set A and B

belongs to set B so h f of X is equals to write effective for one we are getting 212 Truecaller 46 and 48 known as the question is Faisla fever so we know that exist or not we have to prove that is it invertible function order and Windows 8 for for saying that it is invertible function is one and onto function exist or image there exist a unique image for every element so you can see for every element of a image in D3 for 841242 it existed for that for every element of a there exists a unique imaginary so we can see that

it onto one one function 11 person and for opportunities as that is there is every element of the imagine that we can see that every element of A and B having for two it is one be having 44 it is to so we can say that it is one one function onto function onto function onto function right now let find inverse of X so as you are given that f of x is equal to twice of a selected f of X is equals to why so we can write 12 = 2y and from here we can write that X is equals to bye bye to get that type of equal to Y different frequencies that X is equals to from here we can see

that X is equals to happiness of my skin was so why so we can write it at a loss of Y is equal to Bible to this year is equal to X by 2 Sona Netflix for its effect is equals to X by 2 this means when putting an outlet for the values of X Biotech be so when you protect inverse of 2 then it is then it will give answer when we put a inverse of then it will give 4 by To The Sims 2 WhatsApp it will give hi for f inverse of between 4 and that the inverse of x is equal to 12 hour set ki comedy

such that belongs to set the as the 2468 on the elements of celery belongs to be and the belongs to write in words of Excel has Canvas of x is equal to comma 14263 and 48 and health as the question find f and F in order to ensure that our is equal to 12 24 36 and 48 as a letter for decay and F inverse of x is equal to 2 146-148 as a set of order and has detected that this is a fine thank


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