If a0,a1,a2,a3 are all the positive, then 4a0x3+3a1x2+2a2x+a3=0 has least one root in (1,0) if (a) a0+a2=a1+a3 and 4a0+2a2>3a1+a3 (b) 4a0+2a2<3a1+a3 (c) 4a0+2a2=3a1+a0and 4a0+a2<a1+a3 (d) none of these


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hello students this question it is given that if a node A1 A2 A3 are all the positive then 4A not x cube + 31 X square + 282 X + 3 is equal to zero has at least one root in -120 if a b c or D so you have to find out the correct option ok let's start we have for a not x cube + 31 X square + 282 X 3020 ok so and zero has at least one root it is given that has at least one root in - 120 ok so as we can write f minus 1 into f0 is less than zero ok so
zero is equals to if you put the values of X that is zero then that we will get a tree is greater than zero ok so as -1 will be put the value minus 4 a03 A1 - 28 2 + 3 is less than zero so we have after solving this we will get 3A one plus 8 3 less than 40 plus to a ok we have value of F - 13 oneplus 8 to less than 40 + 282 so that in the option which satisfy this that is 40 + 28 who has the correct ok 40 plus two way to greater than 31 plus AC and it is equal ok so we can say that
Qatar option is correct or two cases this one and this works pretty satisfied now s 80 + 8 is equal to a 1 se 23 we have to prove that ok so how can you prove that air we will use Rose theorem using Rose theorem Rose theorem states that you X is equals to integration of x into DX so it will BP access is not X 44 A 1 x cube + a square x square 3 X + D so it will become 2-6 will b p x is equals to zero and it is given for at least one root for at least one root in - 120 than Q - 1 = 20
so 0 -1 + 82 Y - 3 + b is equals to de so after solving this we will get a 0 + 2 is equals to a 13 because D&D will be cancelled out ok so we have a 0 + 82 + is equals to a one plus 8 3 and this so are two cases as satisfying as 0 + H2 is equals to a 133 and this one ok so option is correct ok thank you

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