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If a steel mill can produce 1,...

If a steel mill can produce 1,500 feet of I - beams every 20 minutes, how many feet of I - beams can it produce in 50 minutes?



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Updated On: 18-7-2020

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Answer :
3,750 feet



00:00 - 00:59if a steel mill can produce 1500 feet of IBN every 20 minutes how many feet of I beam scan it produce in 15 minutes ok so this question of particular Steel mill can produce 1500 feet of IBS in 20 minutes and we have been asked to find the length of I been that it can produce in 50 minutes so we can simply solve this question using the basic unitary method now as it has been stated that the milk producers 1500 feet of every 20 minutes we can die down this information in the form that in 20 minutes in 20 minutes the length of IBM
01:00 - 01:59that the milk producers is 1500 feet ok 1500 feet in 20 minutes the Steel milk producers 1,500 feet of I being now from this information we can conclude that in one minute in 1 minute the length of Ions produced by the mill will be given by 1500 / 20-20 will come down to the denominator and the length the unit of the lens will obviously be the same with his feet if you want to find out the length of the items produced in 15 minutes in 50 minutes will be 1520 which is already there 1520 in 250 A50 has to be multiplied and the unit
02:00 - 02:59Street so this is the length of the I been that can be produced by the mill in 50 minutes and this value 1500 into 50 / 21 calculated using the calculated comes out to be 3750 1750 feet we can conclude that in 50 minutes the length of the IBM that can be produced by the mill is 3758 so the question was how many feet of Ions can it produce in 50 minutes and we have found that 3750 feet of I can be produced in 50 minutes instance 3750

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