If A is a skew-symmetric matrix and n is an even natural number, write whether A^n is symmetric or skew-symmetric matrix or neither of the two



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Updated On: 31-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the question is if a is a skew symmetric matrix and any reason even natural number write whether a wrist power n is a symmetric matrix to symmetric matrix or neither of the two Sohail in this question we have given that is a skew symmetric matrix and this implies that a is a transport is equal to minus of a year where to find it a rest power n is symmetric skew symmetric or neither of these two so here we have a raise to power and to let employee here transfer Soya we have various power and transport so we can write it as a transpose of a wrist power and now as we know that this can be written as a - of a raised power and because the value of a transport is -2 here we have in this question we have already given
01:00 - 01:59an even even natural number so even natural numbers are 246 and Soul if we put an is equal to even natural number then it will give the positive value of a that is let let and is equal to 2 because it is a even natural number so here we have a minus A raised want to show it will give us if we do now here we have a raise to power and transport is equal to our a from here from here we can see that yes it is a symmetric matrix it is not ask you symmetric it is our symmetric matrix and answer thank you

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