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If A+B+C=π,andcosA=cosBcosC then tanBtanC has the value equal to


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The correct Answer is C


welcome to doubt that this is a question if a + b + C is equal to pi by and cause is equal to cos b into cos c and then 10B into 10 she has the value equal to option 1 option to 1 by 2 option 3 to an option for sunao it is given the question that a + b + C is equal to pi so that means they would be equal to is implies I would be equal to pi minus b + c correct so as it is given in the question that cause is equal to cos b into cos C so cause a can be written as cause by minus b + c which is equal to what which is equal to cos b into cos correct superspy minus theta minus cos theta and we can see that there is a simple identity of Cos A + B correct it is a simple identity of
what is cos A + B and what is cos a minus b because it would be minus cos theta so we have to push the minus sign over Cos A + B is cause a cos b + sin a sin b just use the identity over you what do I get this implies minus cos B cos C + sin b sin C is equal to cos B cos C just transpose it what do I get I get - 2 cos B cos C is equal to minus sin sin C so I can get the negative terms and make a positive because both of them so what
how to find I had to find 10 B and C so just transport this onto the denominator and put the two with SO2 is equal to Sin B sin C upon cos B cos C so this would be what is whole part B and C and this part would b and b which was required in the question so can be into 10 she is nothing but equal to 2 so let me check which option is the most suitable one for this it is option number 3 which is to I hope you understood the explanation thank you


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