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Class 14






Ratio And Proportion


If a :(b+c)=1:3\ a n d\ c :(a+...

If `a :(b+c)=1:3\ a n d\ c :(a+b)=5:7,\ t h e\ b :(a+c)` is equal to `1:2` b. `1:3` c. `2:3` d. `2:1`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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the age to b + C is equal to 1 is to 3 and C is to a + b is equal to 5 is to 7 then be is 2A + c is To Hamen given a upon B + C is equal to 1 upon 3 cross multiply two to three years + c equal ab Hamen given a Kisi upon A + b is equal to 5.7 cross multiply karne per Seven Seas equal to 5 + 5 p.m. Hamare kya karte Ham donon side 5C ko add cart Is Tarah Se thik hai to 70 + 50 + 12 is equal to 5 A plus 5 common letter to b + c that means b is equal to 5 A plus 5.2 be Plus ki Baju 3A already my pass a Gai to 12c ho jaega 5 + 15 that is 20 1 acre equal to see ki wali ho jayegi

20.2 status for scrum for sale 25 of 35 by 3 equal Yahan per substitute Karte Hain To 3 minus is equal to be that 13 A minus 5 by 3 equal to B2B key value Hogi 9A -53 that means b is equal to 4 by 3 Yagya ab Hamen kya karna bhi is 2A + c to be upon A plus hi dekhte hain yoga 453 hold a + b is 24 a b three hole upon 3 + 5 by 3 out of 4 Upon A T A 1 by 2 is equal to 1 by 2 that means we is 2A + 1 is to 2 cake will so this is our answer Agar optionstracker than the option ASD

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