If a , b, c, d are non-zero integers such that `a lt b lt c lt d` and mean and median of a, b, c and d are both equal to zero, then which one of the following is correct?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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b = -ca = -dboth (a) and (b)none of these

Answer :
Solution :
It is given that both the mean and the median of given data are zero. <br> `therefore (a+b+c+d)/(4)=0and (b+c)/(2)=0` <br> `rArr a+b+c+d=0 and b+c=0` <br> `rArr a= -d and b= -c`


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so here we have two questions which says if a b c d a non-zero integers such that is less than 20 less than C is less than the and mean and median of a b c and d are both = 20 then which of the following is correct OK then we have to check which option is Karan so here it is given that mean and median of a plus ABC and year zero right so what we get so since mean is equal to zero that is a + b + C + D ok so these observations so what is mean sum of all of the visions upon a number of divisions so here what are the number of observations 1234 so here we have a + b + C + D is equal to zero right and hear what will get a + b + c

is equals to zero taking 42 this side right and also we are given that median is also equal to zero so what will be the median so here we have even number of observations so we will have b + 3 by 2 as a median right which will be equal to zero so here we will get b + C is equal to zero b is equals to minus C ok if you put this -3 here ok A plus here we have - 3 + 3 + 2 = 200 - 3 + will get cancelled we get equals to minus so what do we got a cos minus 3 and B equals to minus C now with options is equals to minus 3 is correct correct option 3 both A and B so here the correct option is option 3

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