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If A, B, C, D are angles of a cyclic quadrilateral, prove that cosA+cosB+cosC+cosD=0.


Text Solution

As the quadrilateral ABCD is cyclic in nature,
Hence, CosA=Cos(180°C)=CosC(1)
Now, add (1) and (2)
It can be written as


ABCD are angles of a cyclic quadrilateral and black to prove that Cos A + cos b + cos C + cos theta is equal to see the cyclic quadrilateral matlab koi bhi quadrelateral circle Mein inscribed time Hamare ko delete karna isko angles Le lete hain ABCD 2 cyclic quadrilateral ki duty ki opposite angles juthi Kasam 180 degree otha that is a + sin 180 degrees equal and B Prestige OTG 180 degrees equal se main pass aaega kis chij equal to 180 degree minus and 180 degree minus of BK equal to Y values Aakhri ki cause of 180 degree minus theta iska matlab S ko Din Mein a Jaate Hain aur second quarter main course Kiya To negative minus cos theta
property use Karenge ab Hamen left inside mein jo proof Gaya Hua Hai Cos A + cos b + cos C + cos t Tujhko message likhate Cos A + cos b + cos of C ki jagah 180 degree minus of a plus cause of the ki jagah Jagah 180 degree minus Agar Ham Yahan per a property use karen to Jaega hamare pass Cos A + cos C minus of Cos C minus of course fee paid on time cancel out to Jaenge and will get through to iska matlab Agar ABCD Koi Mein cyclic quadrilateral then Cos A + cos b + cos C + cos ji ASCII value 0 cake walon ki yah Mein proof karna tha so hence proved this is your solution


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