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If a , b , c are real numbers,...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `L.H.S. = |[a,b,c],[b,c,a],[c,a,b]|`<br> Applying `C_1->C_1+C_2+C_3`<br> ` = |[a+b+c,b,c],[a+b+c,c,a],[a+b+c,a,b]|`<br> ` = (a+b+c) |[1,b,c],[1,c,a],[1,a,b]|`<br> Applying `R_2->R_2-R_1` and `R_3->R_3-R_1`<br> ` = (a+b+c)|[1,b,c],[0,c-b,a-c],[0,a-b,b-c]|`<br> ` = (a+b+c) [1((c-b)(b-c)-(a-b)(a-c))-0+0]`<br> ` = -(a+b+c)[(b-c)^2+a^2-ab-ac+bc]`<br> ` = -(a+b+c)[b^2+c^2-2bc+a^2-ab-ac+bc]`<br> ` = -(a+b+c)[a^2+b^2+c^2-ab-ac-bc]`<br> Now, `(a^2+b^2+c^2-ab-ac-bc) = (a+bomega+comega^2)(a+bomega^2+comega)`<br> So, our determinant becomes,<br> ` = -(a+b+c) (a+bomega+comega^2)(a+bomega^2+comega)`<br> `=R.H.S.`<br>

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Hindi tution mein given that if a b c are real numbers then prove that the determinant ABC BCA and c a b equal to minus a + b + C + b + c square into a plus b cube root of unity from that we can see that if we take take out a + b + c is this will be close to a + b + c h c 3 again a + b + c Indian a + b + c and a

film equals to in 2011 and a we know that this identity equal to minus 3 minus a minus b c d this path and difficult break this part here we can prove this identity operations to -1 and -2 three things you want to create 002 - 180 and again 3 - 58 will be equal to

into right now 101b c0c minus b minus 3 and minus 1 minus 10 square minus b and b - show now determined to get that a + b + c minus b minus C minus b into B minus C minus A minus into minus b into and from here we have been to a benefit to the 10 into the message that is used and have seen 2000

part will be equal to the difference between square + BC minus minus this will be equal to a + b + b + BC minus A square + b + c minus one common to get this as a request to a + b + c a + b + c minus common from this

b square c square minus a minus b c v app created this now that a + b + c identity = a + b Omega + Y square into a + b square and this is what we needed

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