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Class 11






Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations


If a ,b ,c are nonzero real n...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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question kya if a b c are non zero rational number and aged square + b + C + 1 equal to zero has only imaginary roots then prove that equal to psi question kya Kisi Ne Mera A-Z square + Z + 3 + 1 equal to zero ab Iske purely imaginary root hai theek hai to chal liye kya karte hain let alpha Bita roots figure of given equation given equation to bataiye Where Alpha belongs to any real number theek hai kya kah diya to bataiye to satisfy Karegi bilkul bhai Karegi Alpha ka whole square + b + C +

1 equal to zero bataiye iska royega to minus 1 minus Alpha squire Plus Yahan per hai to be alpha + 1 into a theek hai plus equal to zero ho jaega Yahan per theek hai to bataiye Agar Ham Yahan Se Bole sequel to kya ho jaega yahan se hum kya likh sakte hain - Alpha squire Lassi Ek Taraf Ariel path + alpha + 1 into 1 vol 20 + 0 compare kar de donon taraf se to minus alpha squire plus equal to zero and B alpha + 1 equal to zero to yahan se

sequel to kya likh sakte hain A Alpha square alpha square equal to kya likh sakte hain bhai ab tak yahan se kya likh sakte hain Alwar Call to Manas Bhavan bhai bhi theek hai ab yah Alpha ki film Yahan put kar dete hain to 1 upon BS karo Jaega Shivay yahan se a call to be a square C A Gaya to karna tha theek hai


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