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If A and B are two nonzero squ...

If A and B are two nonzero square matrices of the same order such that the product AB=O, then



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Updated On: 16-4-2021

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both A and B must be singularexactly one of them must be singularboth of them are nonsingularnone of these

Answer :
Solution :
If possible assume that A is nonsingular, then `A^(-1)` exists. Thus, <br> `AB=O implies A^(-1) (AB)=(A^(-1) A)B=O` <br> `implies IB=O` or `B=O` (contradiction) <br> Hence, both A and B must be singular.



00:00 - 00:59the question given that if A and B are two non zero square matrices of the same order such that the product a week 10 then you have to find it what will happen ok that begin here let us assume that a Junoon singer ok first of all hours of the day is a nonsingular OK then here is not equals to zero ok and a minus one exists with a into a for minus 1 equal to 1 ok so here there for a b equal to
01:00 - 01:59zero that inverse minus 1 into a b equal to minus into a all power bi equal to I be equal to be so here I will be equal to zero ok so here are a few shows that that b is null matrix ok b is null matrix sweet is a contradiction ok DJ contraction Ghanta Dikshit Udaipur similarly if a nonsingular
02:00 - 02:59VJ on singular then the above will have a equal to zero ok such that which is again the conduction ok which is a Gai contradiction again contraction kitchen ok so here both A and B much singular OK your both A and B must be a singular must be singular

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