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If .^(47)C_(4)+underset(r=1)ov...

If `.^(47)C_(4)+underset(r=1)overset(5)(sum).^(52-r)C_(3)` is equal to

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`52_(C)``51_(C)``51_(C)`None of these

Answer :


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question is if 4734 plus summation of value of Rs 110 2552 - rt3 is equals to hear 4 options are given we have to choose which option is correct solution according to the question 47c 4 + summation are equal to 1 to 5 and 3 and its value is 52 - so I can write this exponential 47c 4 plus its value and evaluate have to put 12345 up to so I can write it when I will put one here it is 52 - 1 means 5163 next value when I will put aur equals to do it is 50 cc when I will put are equal to 3 means 4933 and when I will put our = 24

news 48 C3 and last day when I will put our equals to 54783 navigate the seas here we can clearly see 47c 400047 C3 can be grouped so I can write it 47 E4 plus 4763 I can give these two terms because the value of n is now remaining term 48335 writing the series in increasing order 49 z3 50 C3 and last term is 51 C3 now will use an identity here which is NCR + NCR -1 can be written as n + 1 CR so we can use this identity for this two

terms so it will be converted into 4848 the value of n + 1947 + 148 and it is r r means here the value of R is 448 C4 know it can be grouping with 48334 + 48 C3 now I am grouping these two terms remaining terms are 49c 350 cc plus 5133 again applying this identity here so it can be written 49348 now I can do this with this because the value of n is equal to 49 C3 now remaining transfer 53 plus 5133 again using this identity I can write these terms

54534 plus against booking it with 50 C3 now remaining term is 5133 now I will use this identity for this site will be converted into 50134 again can grow fit with this will be 51334 and finally after solve answer is ka51 again using this identity it can be written ITS52 C4 so this is the correct answer of the given expression now we have to check which option is correct so 52 C4 it means option number 1 therefore is missing 52 34 is the correct answer thank you

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